Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fooled Me Once...Shame On You...

I was hanging out in the paint section at my local Wal-Mart (looking for "oops" paint that evidently they no longer carry *boo*) ...when I saw the most AMAZING THING!  Magnetic Spray Paint!!! The crafter in me instantly started thinking of a million things that I could do with such a neat little invention. 

But first, I needed to know if it was clear.  I asked the store associate who was kind enough to test it out for me and it did indeed appear to be clear (it's not btw).  I also bought an 18x24 frame and decided to create an UBER cute background behind the glass of the frame, and then spray the magnetic paint on top of the glass to make a magnetic shadow box of sorts.  Cute idea, right?

By the time I was done creating the background, I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my craftiness.  I put it in the frame and grabbed my spray can and gave the glass a good dose.  Which turned it completely gray.  :(  Not giving up, I thought "okay"  I'll put the fabric OVER the glass and if the fabric is thin enough, it will still work!

I STILL think it will work, but I won't know until I buy another magnetic board and cover it with fabric and see.  Apparently "Margnetic Spray Paint" is too good to be true because I couldn't get ANY  magnets to stick to it (with or without fabric on it).  Pooh...

I heard that other people have had success with the actual paint instead of the spray can.  I don't know anything about it personally.  But I am not giving up on the idea!  I'm going to look up some coupons and go to my local craft store (I LOVE Michael's!) and find a magnet board and try it a different way.  Wish me luck!

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