Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY Fabric Wreath

I found this cute little owl at the Dollar Tree a few months ago and I've kept him stored away until I found the right craft for him!

I am hoping to make quite a few Christmas wreaths to sell when the time comes, but that's so far away!  So I decided to make one now to sell at my next Trade's Day and to use my owl.  This is how I did it!

Pick out the fabric that you want to use and cut it into strips.  It does NOT have to be perfect in ANY way.

Foam wreaths are so expensive!  These straw ones are almost half the price and if you leave the plastic on, they look exactly the same but STURDIER!  And they are almost half the price of foam. 

Hot glue one end on the fabric strip onto the wreath and wrap it TIGHTLY around the wreath until you get to the end of the strip and secure that end with the hot glue as well.  Keep repeating this step until the wreath is completely covered.

At this point you want to decide what (if any) accents you wish to make.  I wanted to add an accent using the fabric I already had.  So I decided to make a bow with it.

 Take a strip of fabric and run a line of hot blue down each side and fold it over to create a "seamed" look.  REMEMBER!!  It does NOT have to be perfect!!!

Tie the strip into a bow!  The owl already came with some attached fishing line and hanging it from the bow is a REALLY cute option.  Its simple, classy.

Ultimately, I decided to add a beautiful flower that I had by hot gluing it in the center of the bow and perched my owl right next to it (securing it with hot glue as well).  As I've said, I have a small country home.  I think my little country wreath is a sweet accent to my front door. Your wreath can be anything to reflect your personality.  Just have fun with it!!!

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