Confessions of a SAHM

Being a mother is the single greatest thing to ever happen to me.  But I don't think ANYONE should be fooled into thinking that staying home isn't a job in itself.  Just like in the career world, your success as a stay at home mother is entirely dependent on your attitude, your determination, and your work ethic.  It also comes down to "networking" (your friends and your family).  As long as you have a strong heart and "network", you will succeed!  But success if definitely not defined by money in this business.

I have always believed that too much OR too little of ANYTHING can be a bad thing.  Life is all about balance.  Just because you are a mother doesn't mean you aren't still a wife.  And just because you are a wife and mother does not mean that you are not a woman.  It is OKAY to ask for help sometimes.  You are not a bad mother for needing that "you" time now and then.  Even on a budget, there are TONS of ways to sneak in a little YOU pampering now and then.  There are also ways to have couple time even if you have felt like you have been running a marathon all day.

This is what this section will be about.  Finding economical ways of balancing being a mother, wife, and woman even under the strictest of time restraints.  Anything from yummy "mummy" drinks and a bubble bath (MY favorite) to spending a few dollars to treat yourself.  I would like also give a warning to any of my loved ones reading this that I will ALSO mention a few romantic ideas.  Nothing tawdry or necessarily specific to me or my life.  But everyone I know already knows that I did some work for Pure Romance for a while so it shouldn't come as a shock that I would be willing to talk about romance.

I believe with all of my heart that romance is a key element to any marriage.  And a strong marriage is key to a strong family.  I will keep all discussions in a tasteful context (nothing lewd or suggestive) and put warning titles on the subjects that some may find uncomfortable. 

Still, if you wish to avoid this discussion at all costs, do not come to this section of my blog.  Thank you :)

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