Monday, May 28, 2012

All Natural Flea Treatments

It's THAT time of year again!!  YES...BUG SEASON!  We live in the country (and I mean COUNTRY!  lol), AND we live by a pond.  I have heard there are some plants to help naturally repel mosquitoes and I am planning on looking into it further and trying it out this summer.  Keep checking with me to see how it turns out.

First things first.  We have two dogs and a cat and although I have kept flea collars on them all, they keep scratching!  I don't want to set off bug bombs (well I DO but I don't want the chemicals and the clean up from the chemicals after).  So I set out to find a more natural option.  And find it I did!! Eucalyptus is a natural flea repellant and safe for cats (AND it smells quite nice!).  Just put a FEW drops on the back of your kitty's neck every two weeks or so to help keep the fleas away!

For your carpets and furniture, you can sprinkle them with baking soda and table salt mixed in equal amounts.  Leave it overnight and vacuum it up in the morning. Try doing this for two rounds to kill the adults, then do it again after about a week and a half to two weeks later and it will get any of the eggs that they have left.  If anyone else has any other suggestions for me to try, send them my way!!! 

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